I was born here. I have lived in Dundas all my life. The small town quality-of-life and culture, mixed with the unique ambiance which makes Dundas so special to us, is the reason my husband and I chose to stay here -- to raise our children here -- and to invest and contribute to this community. 

I've participated in the history of this town; I was a Town Councillor when we tried to stop amalgamation; I was there when the tracks on Hatt were removed, and the quarry disappeared. I walked the whole 25 miles to fund raise for an indoor pool for Dundas; was a member of the small group of people who successfully fought the fight to save Dundas Central School from the wrecking ball in 1986; was on the committee that convinced the School Board to tear up asphalt and put in grass on the playground of Dundas Central School in 1995; helped to run the Cactus Festival for 13 years; Chaired the Library Board, was a member of the Board of the Hamilton Conservation Authority; still help to organize the annual Christmas Tree Lighting; and am a founding member of the Dundas Farmer's Market Management Group. I am the Past Chair of the Dundas Division of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, and have worked for the people of Dundas both Federally and Municipally dealing with everything from missed garbage collection to complex Planning issues. I have a proven record of personal history, knowledge, experience and accomplishments in providing continuing effective service to the Dundas community. 

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